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This song translation ONLY for my friend Shivani. Sung well but the lyrics did not impress me much.

Music by Shankar Ehsaan Loy, written by Sameer and sung by Kailash Kher.

Lyrics taken from www.hindilyrix.com though I changed the spellings of a few words and corrected a few words. Enjoy…

pyaar hai ya sazaa, aye mere dil bata
tootata kyon nahi dard ka silsila

Is this love or a punishment, oh my heart tell me

why does it not break, the sequence of pain

is pyaar mein hon kaise kaise imntihaan
ye pyaar likhe kaisi kaisi dastaan

What kinds of tests are there in this love

what kind of stories does this love write

ya rabba de de koi jaan bhi agar
dilbar pe ho na, dilbar pe ho na koi asar
Oh God, even if someone gives up his lifeit has no effect at all on the lover

kaisa hai safar wafa ki manzil ka
na hai koi hal dilon ki mushkil ka

What is this journey to the destination of loyalty

There is no solution to the trials of heart.
dhadkan dhadkan bikhri ranjishein
saansein saansein tooti bandishein

In every beat (of the heart) there are complaints scattered

In every breath the rythm of music breaks

(Bandish is a musical composition. Definition : A composition that is bound within the frame of a raga. The text, normally in Brijbhasha, provides space for musical elaboration through a felicitous selection of vowels. Definition courtesy : http://www.itcsra.org/sra_glossary_index.html )
kahin to har lamha honton pe fariyaad hai
kisi ki duniya chaahat mein barbaad hai

Somewhere there is a plea to God in every moment

Someone’s world is destroyed in desire/love
koi na sune sisakati aanhon ko
koi na thaame tadapati baahon ko

No one listens to the sobbing eyes

No one holds the agonising arms
aadhi aadhi puri khwaishein
tooti footi sab farmaaishein

half fulfilled are dreams/wishes

requests are all broken.
kahin shak hain kahin nafrat ki deewaar hai
kahin jeet mein bhi shamil palpal haar hain

There is suspicion somehere and a wall of hatred somewhere

Defeat is entrenched every moment in victory somewhere
na poocho dard bandon se
hansi kaisi khushi kaisi

Don’t ask people what pain is

what happiness and what laughter

musibat sar pe rehati hain

kabhi kaisi kabhi kaisi

There is always some kind of trouble brewing

sometimes like this and sometimes like that


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