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One of my absolute favourite songs from the film Jeeva, picturised on Sanjay Dutt and Mandakini.

Written by Gulzar. Music composed by R.D Burman and sung by Asha Bhonsle & Amit Kumar. Enjoy the song…

Roz roz aankhon tale, ek hi sapna chale

raat bhar kaajal jale, aankh mein jis tarah khwaab ka diya jale

Everyday, beneath the eyes, a dream walks by

kohl burns whole night, just as the lamp(candle?) of the dream burns

jab se tumhaare naam ki misri honth lagayi hai

meetha gham hai aur meethi si tanhaii hai

Since the day my lips have tasted the sugar of your name

the pain has sweetened and so has solitude.

 (Misri is the crude , unrefined sugar, it is usually used in poojas therefore in this song ,  and also given to children  as a treat  so the usage here has traces of innocence as well as sacredness of the emotion expressed.)

Chhoti si dil ki uljhan hai, yeh suljha do

jeena to seekha hai mar ke, marna sikha do tum

My heart has a tiny problem, please resolve it

I have to learnt to live while dying (every moment-implied meaning not literal) , please teach me to die.

(Uljhan suljhaana or resolving the problem has the implicit imagery of knots being unraveled)

aankhon pe yun tum ne zulf gira di hai

bechaare se kucch  khawaabo ki neend udaa di hai

you have let your let your hair loose on the eyes in such a way that some poor, hapless dreams have lost their sleep…


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